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Fructose Malabsorption

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Thanks to everyone. Alot of good info.
Regarding seasonings, have you tried any of the seed spices such as coriander, mustard, cumin, caraway, dill see, sesame seed, poppy seed, etc. to see if you can tolerate those?

I was diagnosed with FM with breathing test. I would highly recommend taking hydrogren breathing tests to anyone who doesn't have a definite diagnosis yet. (FM, Lactose, SIBO).
Regarding diet, I didn't just try low FODMAP. I did NO FODMAP. Total FODMAP elimination except for lactose since I know I don't have an issue with it. All I can say is my diet is very bland (but I'm not a foodie anyway). But never felt better. Slowly adding new foods per the Mayo Clinic FODMAP Eating Plan. It is very specific in the order in which you add categories and individual foods to see if you can tolerant them. I'm doing all of this with a nutritionist at Mayo. I know this is 'no fun', but for me having minimal food options is worth it.

I've also learned to get very good at reading labels. OTC meds are especially a problem. You wouldn't think cough medicine could cause an issue but it can.
Also, GI doc took me off Prilosec and said don't go back on. My stomach felt like it was on fire for at least 2 weeks but apparently it was part of the problem. Also absolutely no ibuprofen products or aspirin for me.
Don't know if any of this helps.

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Thanks for the info! I haven't tried seeds because of visceral hypersensitivity. The L-Alanine powder I get is not so much a powder as granulated, and it bothers my stomach as is without dissolving it in water. I didn't know Mayo has a FODMAP eating plan – will have to take a look at it. Regarding meds, they can be a huge problem and my next step iis to talk about them. The so-called inactive ingredients often are active for people with fm.

Are you doing this in person with the Mayo nutritionist or remotely? I looked online and couldn't find the Mayo Clinic FODMAP Eating Plan. How do they determine the order of food reintroduction? What if you can't tolerate a food? Is that it for that category or do you just try each food separately regardless? For example, if you can't tolerate cabbage, do they then assume you can't tolerate cruciferous vegetables so you don't try them? How long do you wait before introducing a new food? Thanks. I'd appreciate any info you could give.