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Hiya @lisalucier

How do I feel about the messages? To be honest I'm quite shocked. I didn't expect it to run so deep emotionally at such an early stage.

He has been sending me pictures of my nephew too and told me how fatherhood has changed him so much and that he never expected to feel the way he does now.

The restaurant we are dining at on Friday is a place called Luigi Malone's here in the city. It's a very nice Italian place located across from the Opera House.

It's now 1:20am and I'm not able to sleep just going over and over the conversation on Messenger. I know it's silly, but my brain is absolutely buzzing.


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@yangedd I do not see how you feel as silly. I am excited for you. How old is your nephew?? Meeting on neutral ground is the best until all of you can become reacquainted. I can feel your excitement and also that uneasiness that comes with this type of thing. Anxious to hear how it goes.

@yangedd I have thought a lot about your posts since you started them a couple of days ago, and can well imagine the wide range of emotions! Remember that you are "good enough", remember that your brother may be having the same emotions and trepidation, remember to take a camera to record this occasion, remember to get good rest, remember to breathe and relax the day of. I know, easier said than done, right? You may have a chance to talk about how the chasm developed, but if not, that's ok, it can be addressed later if you both agree.
This time of year is fraught with heightened senses and emotions anyway, so please feel that you can forgive yourself and those around you for lapses in manners.
While I have contact with only one of my four siblings, I know that it "takes two". Be willing to work on the relationship, bask in the warmth of reconnection, and be flexible.
We will be backing you up, here at the cyber table!