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Hi @hopeful33250

This seems like a great idea. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I've been messaging my brother on messenger earlier this evening and he is as keen as me to build Bridges and meet with his family. He sent me pictures of his son with my Dad in the care home and I got emotional, but in a good way if you know what I mean?

It was a little strange seeing the three of them and it looks like my Dad is smiling at my nephew, which is a fantastic thing. Hopefully there'll be a photograph of the four of us (Myself, my brother, my nephew and my dad) taken soon. I'm doing my utter best to control my emotions right now and am still quite apprehensive about the proceedings but I'm going to try and remain positive and try to look forward. I just hope and pray that things will be ok,


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Hello @yangedd

Remember that you don't have to hold your emotions on such a tight rein. It is Ok to cry when you see them and tell them that these are "happy tears" and, "I am so glad to see you that I am filled with tears of happiness." (You might feel more at ease realizing than you can cry, if need be, and all will not be destroyed by your tears.)

That is great that you are looking forward to pictures of the four of you. I hope that it all goes nicely. Just remember that perfection in relationships is NOT necessary, the only thing needed is a good heart toward them. Try to think of what they would like to hear from you, rather worrying about yourself.

When will you be meeting with them?