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@summer 33….I know how you feel. I too was very active and very healthy before my MAC diagnosis. I’ve had Bronchiectasis for years but it wasn’t a problem except that I got sick with a bad chest cold every three or four years….but I always got better and felt fine. Being treated for MAC is really challenging as it zaps your energy. When were you diagnosed with MAC?

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Thought I should let you know how my Doctor visit went. I saw my pulmonary Doctor, not the infectious disease doctor. I told him how I was concerned about the Arikayce side effects. He has been treated with the injections for tuberculosis years age. So that told me he knew how this medication made you feel. He agreed with me about my concerns. He called my Infectious d. Doctor to see what his diagnosis was for me. He said he was waiting to see if the sputum shows up anything, which it has not so far. It has two more weeks to show the results. So, as of now I am off every medication for two weeks, maybe more depending on how I do as well as the sputum test. I ask how I would be if I decided not to take future treatment. He said I may cough a lot if MAC. decides to get worse. I will know more once the test come back. Hope you are feeling better.