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@windwalker. ….to answer your question “how infected are you.?”…..In addition to repeated CT scans showing widespread infection, monthly positive sputum cultures testing positive for MAC, I have an abscess cavity in one lung my doctor at National Jewish hopes will heal with the increased daily dosages of the big 3 daily, lung clearance twice daily with vibrating vest and saline nebulizing, plus the daily application of Arikayce. I meet with a surgeon in March if the cavity has not healed to set up an appointment to surgical remove the abscess. I’m not sure if its the meds or the disease but I feel awful.

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Did you feel awful before you started the meds?

I am so sorry to hear how widespread the infection is and how much you have to cope with. My thoughts are with you💕

@hydrang3a I am sorry that you feel so bad. What symptoms are you having? (like just having mac isn't enough) Maybe I can help with some suggestions to combat some of the discomfort. Big hug going out to you.

@hydrang3a If it is at all possible, I'd get a second opinion from the Mayo Clinic about the abscess. NJH always wants to do surgery, and surgery doesn't guarantee it won't come back, because sometimes it does. Be sure to ask what would happen if it weren't removed.

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