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@hydrang3a and @marilynk I have a question for you both. Just how infected are you that you need to be on the Big 3?

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@windwalker. ….to answer your question “how infected are you.?”…..In addition to repeated CT scans showing widespread infection, monthly positive sputum cultures testing positive for MAC, I have an abscess cavity in one lung my doctor at National Jewish hopes will heal with the increased daily dosages of the big 3 daily, lung clearance twice daily with vibrating vest and saline nebulizing, plus the daily application of Arikayce. I meet with a surgeon in March if the cavity has not healed to set up an appointment to surgical remove the abscess. I’m not sure if its the meds or the disease but I feel awful.

Very infected. Have been battling lung disease for several years including Nocardia which I just finished 12 months on Bactrim. Also have some aspergillosis that they don’t seem too concerned about. Just the Mac – has anyone had the Arikares treatment by itself.

I would like to know this too as I had my first positive culture for MAC and my doctor wants me to continue with twice daily respiratory personal hygiene. No other meds….I am working seven hours a day but otherwise am pretty fatigued. Weekends are spent pretty quiet due to fatigue, but generally I think I do okay (other than coughing, mucus, fatigue).