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I was on every day, switched to 3x a week, Sunday’s off. Now I am back on everyday. I found that eating toast for breakfast and no dairy food helps to not have indigestion so bad. The indigestion made my throat feel on fire really bad. So far I have had a good day, seeing my doctor later about a new drug calledArikares inhaler. Has anyone else tried this medication ? At first Was not sure if I would change , but the druggist called and said it was not the bad side effects I had understood it had. I will know more after I see my Doctor today. I pray for all of us as I go through this journey with you.

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I just received my Arikares kit and after reading about it not sure I want to start. I’m on the 3 meds daily – think I want to stay with them. Arikares side effects frighten me as I have a hearing loss, macular in one eye and retinopathy in the other. Has anyone been on it?

@summer33 Many of our mac drug treatments are becoming the inhaled variety and more are coming down the pike. They are supposed to be better for you in that they specifically target your lungs instead of the pill form that affects your whole body and can stress other organs. Please keep us posted on how your inhalable med works out for you.

@summer33 Did you try the medication, Arikares Inhaler, and what was the outcome?