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Ependymoma/subependymoma of the 4th ventricle

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Hello, I am a 55 year old male in MN who just had an MRI on 2/8/19 due to ear pain. I thought it was an ear infection but ears were clear. On 2/11/19 I was told I have a brain tumor, probable subependymoma. It is 2 cm X 1 cm which from what I have been able to research is large for a ­subependymoma. I am actually really calm about the entire deal. I just feel bad for my adult children who are taking it harder than me. I have my 1st appointment on 2/19/19 at the Mayo in Rochester. 5 years ago my now ex wife needed a brain surgery for a 3" cyst in her brain. I researched the Drs and requested their best who was the head of all Mayo surgeons. I did not ask for him for my case but that is who I was assigned. I am not sure if I am happy about that or not considering if they put their best on it, it is probably more serious than I know. mjcory, I am wondering what you ended up doing and how are you now.

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@jcorcoran At the recommendations of the doctors at Mayo we are currently just monitoring my tumor! There was very little to no change from my first MRI. I’m not completely sure I’m 100% comfortable with that but my husband doesn’t agree with taking it out either when the doctors feel there is no harm in waiting. Because of lack of growth & how my tumor presents itself on MRI’s they are leaning more towards it being a subependymoma but they still really won’t know until it’s taken out which is the scary part! Hopefully they are correct in their assumption that it’s a sub and surgery is not immediately needed! Who are you seeing there? My team is Carabenciov (neurologist) and Parney (neurosurgeon). The first time I also saw LaChance (neuro-oncologist). I would like to meet with him again as he’s associated with the CERN foundation.