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Ependymoma/subependymoma of the 4th ventricle

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@marcyprof and @beckyziegler I wish to welcome you both to Connect, and to connect you with @mjcory

Marcy, tu écris très bien. Bienvenue. How are you tolerating the chemotherapy? Side effects?

Becky, I'm so glad that your internet search helped you find this group talking about ependymoma. Will you need treatment beyond surgery?

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@colleenyoung Allo, thank you to encourage me. I had my second intra-arterial chemiotherapy last wenesday, 3th of january. It was a special way to celebrate the new year! I felt very tired sunday as if the carboplatin-drug needs couple of days to destroy my cells. I don't know if the sides effects will grow at each treatment. This second time I had big nauseas for 24 hrs for the first time. Hopefully I had some drugs against that. I feel better now. Yesterday I force myself to do zumba and piyo exercises even I didn't feel healthy. I am convinced it will help me to survive longer and better. It was hard but I did it the best I could. It was snowing last night in Montreal. This morning there's a foot of white snow in my driveway. I'm going to shovel, it will be the sport of my day. Happy new year everybody! I wish you to find pleasure and peace in the small and simple everyday's gestures. Shoveling snow allows to get into a kind of meditation time. Hummmmm...