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Esophageal disorder - don’t know what to eat

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I have had some issues with my esophagus for the past 7 1/2 months. I had recently got diagnosed with Crohn’s and finally got some medicine for it. I had been dealing with GI issues for 3 years. They put me on Protonix, Pepcid twice a day; and Carafate in January of last year because they thought that would help with the GI issues and pain in my right side.

In August they went to do a EGD and they couldn’t because my esophagus was too narrow. I went for a swallow test and it showed a hernia and an Esophageal web. Well since then I have had 4 dilations and now it’s hard to swallow even liquids sometimes. I have also started having excessive saliva in my mouth.

Has anyone ever been through this? I have an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in April but I’m just afraid that it’s going to be like my other appointments and they find nothing wrong.

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@kaforester3 – Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect!
You have had to deal with a lot of new health issues and diagnosis lately. I don’t know much about esophageal webs, but I understand the dilations. I am feeling positive about your Mayo visit- something will be done. Before this visit maybe you should talk to your local doctors about your swallowing difficulties. Please stay in touch.

I certainly empathize with your fear,; however, once you get there and meet your MD you will have this feeling of “ finally, there is help”. The gastroenterology dept has all experts on staff—very little they have not managed.