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People's Opinions On Zoloft?

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@lilypaws Sorry for reading your story maybe I shouldnt have but this being an open forum I read all post to see if I can respond somehow. Its hard what grandmothers have to go through isnt it. Mine is 12 tomorrow and I cant see him I called tonight to wish him happy birthday but he was in the middle of something and his Dad my son said to call tomorrow morning so I will ,such is life . Take care

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We need a grandmother’s support group!
Don’t our children know that we have such wisdom and experience to share 🦧
I took care of my first grandson while both parents worked. They moved to the other side of the Earth and had another child.
When my daughter in-law became sick she asked if I would come to help. Her mother could not go(?) My husband took vacation days and we both went.

When we were returning, one of the children asked if I could take him with me.💔He was the one whom my daughter in law seemed to treat harshly.

School was starting and I told my grandson that he was going to meet his new teacher and make new friends. He could come to visit on vacation. (He did. We had a great time. My husband likes to ski and ice skate…and 🛷.

Grandmothers have be resilient, especially when they have worked with parents in both private and public school systems ..to help parents develop positive parenting skills.
(Catch the child being good ❣️And praise him. (“Good job) ( I like the way you…..)

Where was my son? He got the picture and spent a lot of time with the children.
Thankfully all seem to be doing well.

It’s not easy being a grandparent (who tries to be

@lioness You too. It's so sad. At least you can talk to him over the phone, but his dad wouldn't let you talk to him on his birthday! So it sounds like you have no contact with your son or daughter either. Keeping a grandchild from their grandmother is hurting them more than you. I mean its not hurting them right now, but I think down the road it will. We have so much love and guidance that we could give our
grandchildren. I only have the one and that's Marlowe. The last time was around New Year's and her grandmother had Marlowe do a skit for us on skype. It was wonderful. I know the other grandmother cares, she sends me pictures and let's me know somewhat whats going on with my son and family, but not much. I know her daughter is very controlling and is part of the problem. Jeanie All we can do is pray.