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People's Opinions On Zoloft?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: May 9, 2020 | Replies (66)

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@am3 I'm still thinking of you and hoping things are getting better. I know I sent a different message to you telling you a little about my life. I hope that was ok. I'm just so sad for you and can't imagine what it must be like. I'm a lucky person. I have hard things to deal with in my life, but yours is so big. You are strong through and I hope you find someone you can reach out too. Also, I hope your mom starts understanding what you are trying to tell her. She needs to listen. You are too special and I love you. I will be having surgery In June so will not be able to send you a message. Just know I haven't forgotten about you. I have to be in the hospital for 5 days and then recover. Just know I am here thinking of you and praying that you are better. Bless You.

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@am3, hi. My life experience sounds very similar to yours. My dad abandoned our family when I was 5. My mother was left to raise my brother and I with very little support. A few years later she began self-medicating her depression and anxiety with alcohol. At an early age, I became her support until she passed away at age 88. I know how afraid and lonely it can be in your position. I had very few friends and never let them in on my home life. I became depressed and had anxiety. After I got married at 23, to a very good man, I started to have bad panic attacks. I think it was attributed to stuffing my feelings all those years. I would get so angry about the way I was treated by my mother and no matter what I did, I wasn’t heard and it was never good enough. Medication for depression and anxiety has helped me a lot. The stigma of this need is lessening. It is no different than being treated for any physical illness. Finding a doctor who understands you is important to get on the right meds. I was lucky to find a MD to be willing to find the right combination of medications to help me. Talking to a therapist has helped me a great deal. You are so young, so it can be tricky getting on the right depression meds. My hope and prayer for you is that you can find a good professional support system. You deserve to be happy regardless of the choices your parents have made. I am going to stop here, but if I can help please reach out to me. Suz55