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EdCork (@yangedd)

People's Opinions On Zoloft?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: May 9, 2020 | Replies (66)

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@yangedd Your cocktail sounds similar to mine. I was on Zoloft at some point. Speaking only for myself-Antidepressants never worked for me nor did Lyrica or Gabapentin. I find myself wondering if various cocktails of meds has messed with my internal wiring somehow. Temporary derailment of topic. Now these types of meds turn me violent towards others and myself. Not sure why it affects some in this way. Maybe others will have some input.

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@parus I know exactly what you mean. I often became even more enraged than normal I was on so many anti-psychotics. I mean I was put on Haloperidol and and a 200mg Clopixol injection weekly along with Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) on top of my normal Zyprexa, Seroquel, Mirtazapine and Lyrica and my brain was addled to the point where I was so belligerent and angry that I errupted on my partner on a daily basis. Without going into too much detail I was eventually told that I was such a mess that I wasn't ready for a relationship and we separated after over three years. Some of those old school 1960's medication can cause even more havoc and turmoil in your life,


I have Fibromyalgia and have been on every anti depressant from paxil to zoloft. Zoloft did nothing, welbutrin was tolerable but ineffective and all the others made me sick. Then the benzos, sleeping pills, gabapentin, cymbalta etc. I think in the long run they have complicated my condition. I no longer have any good days and my depression seems to be permanent. My advice to anyone dealing with theses chronic episodes, have a good support group and don't let anyone tell you "it's all in your head"

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