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I am having the same problem as gator1965. I had a partial knee replacement in 2017. It never felt right. I was back to the Ortho several time. He did bone scans and felt it, jerked on it and said it was fine. I know something isn't right. It is crooked as could be. It is very obvious and now I have horrible neuropathy pain. The last time he seen me, he said to see a Psychiatrist. I felt awful and humiliated. I keep get prescribed Gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, and many many others. Nothing helps. I am so miserable, and most other Ortho doctor's won't touch a partial. I am so sorry I ever got it done. I am 61, ride horses, hunt, etc. I can't hardly do anything anymore since the pain and my balance is so awful. The neuropathy has moved into both legs and even burns in my back. I really feel helpless and been to every kind of doctor there is. Kidney, Rheumatism, Blood/Cancer, Neurologist, etc. Same thing, more medications. Anyone else have anything similar happen?

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If it where me, I would have tried an inversion machine, I have one and it helps at times, compression in my lower back plays hell with not only my lower back pain but foot neuropathy and leg pain also. Horse riding may not be helpful. I use a real tight belt when when pain gets bad and it helps big time. I take no meds, never did never will, I am 74 and lifted heavy more then a human was supposed to I guess. I still get out and bird hunt but the pain now limits the durations.