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Navyqas I had TKR 2yrs 4mons ago and have had nerve pain since. My pain is mainly just below knee but do have some numbness in bottom of foot. 9mons ago I tried a revision with different doctor, he made no promises, and have had no change. New doctor thinks tourniquet during 1st surgery was on to long but no way of knowing. Nerve pain or damage seems quite common with TKR but no doctor says this. My search continues because I can’t accept nothing can be done. Maybe I am wrong but I will keep searching. Best of luck

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Hi 64
My surgeon did not like the fact that I took the bandages off in two days, he said I told you three days! I took the damn bandage off a day early because it was so tight my leg turned purple and the pressure was unbearable. I think the fact that I had NO foot numbness or discoloration for the first 10 hours after the operation speaks volumes as to the extreme pressure he applied. So your new doctor confirms my thinking about nerve damage could have been done by overly constricting a nerve. Also the TKR took two times longer then he said it would, why? who knows, he was working on another person at the same time in another room, that I know for sure. So again the tourniquet time your doctor brought up very well could have applied to me also. Thank you much and I wish the best for your leg