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Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement

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i had a total knee replacement with bone on bone in May, 2019. When I came out of surgery I had numbness in my right foot the one that t was operated on. Since that time the numbness has gone mostly to the large toe and sometimes the second toe. My doctor has been stymied by this and the only thing he can think of was the tourniquet being too tight. I have been to an acupuncturist, a foot podiatrist, a neurologist and another knee doctor and no one can give me any relief from this. I have been on Cimbalta but the tingling has never gone away. i went off the Cimbalta because of the side effects I had with this drug. I would like to know if I will ever have the feeling back in my toe from this surgery or if there is anything I can take to make my toe feel normal again.. I cannot wear closed shoes because it tends to make my foot have less feeling and my balance becomes affected in the enclosed shoes. I am going on 8 months post-op and feel like this will never correct itself.

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I have the same problem except it is in the arch of my foot to all but my big toe. It has been 5 years since my TKR and I have seen a podiatrist who states there is something wrong but doesn’t know what, a neurologist who told me to buy wider and bigger shoes, two EMG’s that show no nerve damage, and two orthopedics who state nothing was done wrong in the surgery. I will not take Gabetin because of the slide effects could make my anxiety worse, I am going back to podiatry and start over and ask for a ct scan and a ABI, along with fighting with VA to increase my disability rating as it only came about because of surgery.

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