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Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement

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Foot neuropathy after my knee replacement, oh yes! Upon examination
The next morning after surgery; I had NO feeling in my foot. I’ve unfortunately experienced nerve damage caused from knee my replacement! Unfortunately four years later I’m still dealing with foot neuropathy; located beginning at the middle of my ankle downward on the top of my foot into my middle toes. I’ve been unlucky locating a doctor to correct this issue. I want Relief-HELP!
Over these past four years, I’ve taken gabapentin- 900 mg three times a day, Lyrica & Meloxicam. So far these medication did not stop the nerve pain and numbness I experience each day- all day. I’m feeling depressed; this award feeling is very annoying! I do find some relief by propping my Leg and Foot however does not lend to a good way of daily life, I cannot just sit 24/7.
Lately I did receive slight relief with a steroid injection in the top of my ankle/foot area, however this lasted apx 10 days, then the same feeling became a daily way of life again. I plan to try a second shot soon and hope this shot will last longer, but, we all know steroid shots cannot become A permanent way of life; As steroid shots will eventually cause tissue damage in this area.
I had my other knee replaced a year later and did not experience any nerve damage, it was a perfect surgery scenario, No issues!
So my first knee replacement was an unfortunate situation, I just want the nerve damage addressed and fixed properly! Is this too much to ask for? Living a good way of life, walking, sitting & living without foot and ankle nerve pain. Getting approved to see a Nerve Specislist takes months… & There is no guarantee the specialist will approve and except me as a patient. Once they read the story they run the opposite direction, are they afraid to get into the mess I see myself in? Again I just want this nerve damage corrected! It’s awful, painful, annoying, frustrating, aggravating, etc. etc. hopeful to find a surgeon to agree to and correct this issue I deal with daily.

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You are the first person who is going through exactly what I am going through. It is hard trying to explain it to people. It has been 8 months for me but I keep being told it takes about a year for the feeling to return. I know that it won’t on its own. I will need a doctor to correct what the Orthopitic did. I was fine when I went into surgery and now I have not been able to feel my foot ever since.

Hello, I feel your pain. I am 3 months post op. I have the exact same pain in the bottom of my foot. I take 3000 mg of gabapentin/day. I am going back to my orthopedic surgeon to see if he has any options for me. It looks like you have tried to correct this problem with no avail. Keep trying, don't give up, there has to be a way to fix this.

So where are things at now?? What did your malpractice attorney say???

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