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Hi @mel61913 - First, welcome to Connect. I'm so glad you posted. It must be terribly scary to have that loss of feeling in your foot. I had a TKR on 1/29 of this year. I have some numbness around the knee, but nothing like what you are experiencing. At this point, I'm sure you have gone back for at least one follow up visit. What does your doctor say regarding the loss of sensation? Without feeling in your foot, can you bear weight on it? I'm really feeling for you and hoping maybe others in the group may have more insight than I do.

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Hello and thank you.... I've seen my doctor and his trying to tell me I have neuropathy.... But the strangest thing is I never had anything wrong with my foot.... I've been standing a little with PT but it's so hard cause I can't feel my foot... I'm going to a foot specialist next week... But I knee doctor act like he doesn't care and it hurts cause I have loss all my independent I had before with one leg... Now I need hurt with everything... And it's very stressful... On a another note I'm glad I have someone to talk to.... Thanks again for the relpy