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@gator1965 Something is definitely not right for you to be in so much pain for so long. If I recall correctly, the cause of the problem the woman I knew who had pain for two years was that it was from something in the extensions being too long. I really do not remember clearly but I know it was something like that. She did some research and found a top orthopedic surgeon and he was able to fix it. The new surgeon took the knee replacement out and put a whole new one in and she was fine.

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Well the surgeon discharged me, he was happy with the flexion being between 96 to 100 degrees. My pain he says is neuropathic, and will take a while to resolve.

Who was the orthopedic doctor, name and location of office

I am having the same problem as gator1965. I had a partial knee replacement in 2017. It never felt right. I was back to the Ortho several time. He did bone scans and felt it, jerked on it and said it was fine. I know something isn't right. It is crooked as could be. It is very obvious and now I have horrible neuropathy pain. The last time he seen me, he said to see a Psychiatrist. I felt awful and humiliated. I keep get prescribed Gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, and many many others. Nothing helps. I am so miserable, and most other Ortho doctor's won't touch a partial. I am so sorry I ever got it done. I am 61, ride horses, hunt, etc. I can't hardly do anything anymore since the pain and my balance is so awful. The neuropathy has moved into both legs and even burns in my back. I really feel helpless and been to every kind of doctor there is. Kidney, Rheumatism, Blood/Cancer, Neurologist, etc. Same thing, more medications. Anyone else have anything similar happen?