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@gator1965 You have been issued with a "formal written warning"? Is that from your medical team or your work? If from work I presume it must be that if you do not get back to work you will be terminated. I'm sorry if that is the case, and I hope you can manage to keep up with your job despite the pain.
My doctor is doing a small procedure on me, probably next month, to go in and get rid of some of the adhesions that prevent me from having better flex. It's called "arthroscopic lysis of adhesions". Does that sound like something that could help you? The procedure was described as follows by the doctor's NP -- "goes in with a small camera and a small tool that burns the scar tissue away". This is an outpatient procedure and you can immediately put your weight on the leg. The incisions are only about a half inch long.
I do not have pain, just poor range of motion. He said I could never get along in Japan with my lack of flexion. I do get along here, but it is difficult to do certain things so I hope I will gain a bit more flex from the procedure.
I hope your doctor, or another if you get a second opinion, can give you some help.

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Yes it is a formal written warning from my employer. i have had 4 lots of surgery since November 2017.My sickness prior to this was no days off sick.
Yes I had arthroscopic arthrolysis and debridment of left knee at the end of September. It has improved my flexion from 70 degrees to 96.
I still have significant discomfort

I had that procedure done two years after my tkr. It helped for about 6-8 months afterward. Presently I’m experiencing patella pain and constant swelling. Had a bone scan done which confirms the area is “active”. Presently I’m seeking a third opinion. The 1st mentioned a revision. The 2nd was hesitant to suggest revision due to the mechanical parts are solid. But offered no definitive details to my patella issue other that possible scar tissue under the knee cap.