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I am nearly 8 months following my total knee replacement. I have a neuropathic type of pain which has been present since the replacement. I have a numbness and tingling type sensation which is constant, and i cannot bear anyone or anything touching this part, it sends out a shooting type of pain. Initially I could not even have a sheet over it. I also have a burning type of pain down my leg. My physio recommended that I try different textures rubbing the knee to desensitise the area from towel, tissue to toothbrush! I haven't tried the toothbrush yet!!
I do still experience swelling to the leg
My surgeon prescribed baclofen and amitriptyline at night. My GP is still juggling the dosages around, and I am still taking regular paracetamol and brufen.

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@gator1965 If your pain has been going on for that long I would definitely get a second opinion from the best possible orthopedic surgeon you can find.
I have had two knee replacements and never experienced anything like that. There are a couple of private groups on Facebook that are just for people with knee replacements. That can be a good source of information also because most of the people who are part of the group are there due to problems. It can't hurt to check as many resources as you can find. There really is no monitoring of those groups though as there is on Mayo Connect.
I hope you can find some answers and are able to get some help in alleviating the pain. As I said up top, the first thing I would do is get a second opinion.

Hello @gator1965
I had TKR 1 yr ago. When I woke up from surgery my foot was totally numb and tingly. They thought it could be blood clot and I had 2 ultrasounds with not clots found. They put a leg stabilizer on so I could stand otherwise my ankle buckled. My little toe wad so sensitive a sheet touching it hurt horribly! I wore socks inside out. 5 wks after my TKR I saw my primary Dr. who finely told me it was not normal like my surgeon told me several times and to give it a year or 2. She set me up for an ABI which measures the pressure in my legs. My TKR read .4 other leg was 1.6. I was sent to a cardiologist who sent me for an angiogram. That showed my TKR surgeon totally pinched the popliteal artery which was causing the numbness and tingling in my foot. I had surgery on the artery to open the artery and take out the clot blocking the blood flow to my lower leg and foot. My leg and foot got 70% better. It still get a little tingly and numbness on the bottom of my foot, which could be cell and tissue flow due to the lack of blood to my lower leg, but my toes are not purple and foot not cold all the time. Now my TKR surgeon says to me "why did I take so long to get the artery fixed!" "Most people that this happens to lose their leg!". I'm so glad for my primary who listened to me! Don't give up. Keep going to doctors! Get answers. It's not always "normal, give it a year or 2". Best of luck to you!

Are you still feeling pain?

I had complete foot drop after my total knee replacement with no mobility and movement below the knee. I now have full mobility which took 6 months. I still have very painful neuropathy on the top of my foot which makes a shoe almost impossible even with Gabapentin 4 times a day. I saw a neurologist in 2018 a couple months post op. She said my peripheral nerve that runs up behind my knee was pinched in the replacement. After 3 years I’m heading back to a neurologist for help. I want to know if they can release that pressure surgically or if I need to lose weight to take off pressure to stop it. I’m sure they will suggest weight loss first. So sorry you struggled as well. Up here in the Northland shoes are a must.

Hello I also had knee replacement surgery over 2 months ago ! Now my toes don't move I had a nerve test done! Don't know anything yet! I can't hardly walk at all something happened I know it did ! Idk what to do anymore with any suggestions??

Just a quick remedy that helped me. I put a foam roller at the end of my sheet so nothing would touch my toes. It really helped