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Hello @norby. I would like to invite @gator1965 who has recently discussed neuropathic pain following a knee replacement, although I am not sure if it is located in the foot. I would also like to invite @gailfaith who also has some neuropathy in the foot and has also had a knee replacement. They may not be in the same situation as you, but may be able to offer some insight on having neuropathy as well as a knee replacement.

@norby, 10 weeks post op is still pretty recent. Although I did not personally deal with neuropathy, I did deal with prolonged swelling and pain. It took me a long time to recover from my knee replacement, but when I started to improve, it did come in what felt like waves rather than a slow progression. Has the foot pain got any better since its onset, or has it been constant? If you don't mind sharing, how are you doing with the gabapentin? Any side-effects?

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I am nearly 8 months following my total knee replacement. I have a neuropathic type of pain which has been present since the replacement. I have a numbness and tingling type sensation which is constant, and i cannot bear anyone or anything touching this part, it sends out a shooting type of pain. Initially I could not even have a sheet over it. I also have a burning type of pain down my leg. My physio recommended that I try different textures rubbing the knee to desensitise the area from towel, tissue to toothbrush! I haven't tried the toothbrush yet!!
I do still experience swelling to the leg
My surgeon prescribed baclofen and amitriptyline at night. My GP is still juggling the dosages around, and I am still taking regular paracetamol and brufen.

I am 2 years post op and I gave the foot nuropathy and also feels like fluid on my knee