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Hello @norby, I have small fiber PN with numbness and no pain and I am hoping for a TKR next spring for my right knee which is bone on bone. I have no medical training or background but am wondering if there was any possible nerve damage or compressed/pinched nerve that might be causing the foot pain. I'm tagging @contentandwell, @debbraw and @JustinMcClanahan to see if they are able to share any information with you.

I did find an article that may be helpful from the Wiley Online Library.
Risk factors for acute nerve injury after total knee arthroplasty
-- https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/mus.26045

Does your surgeon think it may be due to inflammation and eventually that will go away?


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@johnbishop @norby I never had any unusual feeling in my feet after my knee replacements. I do find that the outside of my knee feels just slightly numb after exercising, I mostly notice it if I touch it. My ortho said that is normal and nothing to worry about. It really is not bothersome.
I know the doctor's response must not have been overly reassuring but I have a feeling that this will resolve itself in time, just something from the swelling. My swelling went down fairly quickly both times, I was lucky. As I have mentioned before, for the first six weeks my ortho does not want his patients to ice or use heat on the knee at all, he feels that it prevents the flow of blood to the knee. He has a great track record so I went along with what he said and I did heal well.
I've come to realize that I good at healing! The first time that came up was after my daughter was born caesarian, the nurses were amazed at how quickly I was up and walking around and the same has been true after my knee replacements and after my liver transplant. I feel very fortunate in that.

I had my second knee replacement in 2018, two attempts at nerve block. After op I had severe loss of feeling on foot, I was assured this would improve, sadly not. Two years later I have no sensation in the foot and now front of leg, I wear compression stockings, warm in summer but effective, I also wear secure leather footwear, comfortable but definitely manna shoes, I also use a foot massage machine to increase blood flow. Hope it stays as is and not get worse, I can live with the pain and numbness.