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Grateful I can still keep trying to find some answers for help with chronic pain that is worsening. Having more x-rays and a CT scan of the cervical was more information for the pain specialist that I have worked with for over 4 years. My being proactive and being referred back to this pain specialist was a good choice for the ortho doctor as I have a history with the specialist who does the injections. Being allergic to steroids presents some problems. Now talking about burning nerves. It is a start-again.
I am behind with things here at community as needed to slow my pace. Miss y'all.

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@parus I, for one, am grateful that you posted this morning. I have been worried about you. Chronic pain is just simply no fun. This past weekend I attended my monthly kidney disease support group. Our leader and founder headed a discussion on chronic pain. She recently went through a long session of medical issues and her chronic pain level was through the roof. In the hospital stay a very kind nurse gave her the magic combination of words to tell the doctors that she needed "pain management", something she had never thought to tell them. You are lucky to have your pain specialist that you work well with and I hope you are able to get some relief. We're here for you at the Cyber table and won't give up your spot to anyone!

@parus– Good morning. Your news is so great to wake up to! It's positive and I love that you were proactive! It works every time, even if you don't get the answers that you want. It's empowering, don't you think?
My next door neighbor just had some nerve blockage done for a knee. He'll need to go back for some other treatments (it might not be the exact treatment that you are referring to) and he has had a huge pain level difference.
Are you going to go for it? Have you researched the procedure? What is the name of it?
Yay you!

@parus Happy to hear you are making progress and positive steps forward. I am sure the pain specialist will be able to help you despite the complications of being allergic to steroids. Please keep us up on how you are doing.

@parus I missed your comments in our community Glad to hear from you today You are right sometimes we just have to take a break and devote our time to ourselves .take care 😃

We missed you as well, @parus. I've been absent for a while myself and getting back in the Connect mode. I'm so happy to hear that your perseverance has paid off. New starts always bring about new hope. Will you keep us posted about the nerve burning? When will t his happen?

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