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What I am grateful for: I found a drycleaner that will wash my precious king size quilt for $19.99. It wouldn't fit in my washing machine and this was the highlight of my day.

What I am NOT grateful for: When I dropped off my quilt, someone stole my handicap tag of my rear-view mirror. Granted, I should have locked the car door and didn't. Granted, I am reaching all of my walking goals after my knee replacement and I really don't need the handicapped spot. In fact, at the grocery store, I don't even use it because I think someone might need it more than me. But really? What kind of low life steals a handicap tag? I would not want that kind of karma coming back at me!

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The world seems to have more of these types than anything else. I agree with what kind of low-life would do such a thing. Thing is the thief likely trashed it feeling proud for not getting caught.
So oft it is like thus. Sad there are people that enjoy stealing just for the high. Those type likely never heard of karma.

@debbraw Be sure to report the theft to your local police and the DMV. If it was a temporary permit placard, and the thief uses it after the expiration, you will get the ticket if you haven't reported it. And, shame on that person!

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