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@jenniferhunter When I trained horses, one of them was such a clown. He'd do anything I asked of him, and made everything a game. He also ate anything I did, except tuna sandwiches.

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@gingerw Horses really understand us and actually communicate what they want from us. They are so healing and calming and honest… the relationship you have with them is based on that trust. My horse is a rescued Tennessee Walker paint and he is so well trained anyone can ride him. I always keep a treat in my pocket when I ride and he knows, so when I ask for a stop on the way home, he stops and looks back at me to see if he'll get something, and he does. Then he'll stop right by where I park my car so I can load the saddle right from him into the car. He is kept with a mare he likes, and didn't recognize her once when her owner passed us riding on the way out as we were coming back. When he noticed she wasn't in the paddock, he called out for her and his eyes got really big and he looked at me wanting to know what I did with her. It was pretty funny. I told him she'd be back, and he kept looking for her in the paddock and watching for her.

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