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Burning Pins Needles in Arms and Hands

Neuropathy | Last Active: Nov 28, 2018 | Replies (21)

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Hello @sir_buzzalot, I would like to add my welcome to Chris's @artscaping. Chris has shared some great suggestions that help her. I would also like to recommend that you join in another discussion that may be helpful where you will meet other members that share similar symptoms and learn what they are doing for treatments also.

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@sir_buzzalot have you found anything that helps you?

There is a good easy to understand explanation of small fiber peripheral neuropathy by Matthew B. Jensen. Assistant Professor of Neurology, University of Wisconsin that may be helpful: https://youtu.be/8nrv7lRvvwU


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Thanks John. I’ll check out the other group in a bit. The video is interesting but the symptoms are quite different from mine which may be why it’s been difficult to get a diagnosis. I have yet to find anything that helps which combined with not finding any triggers compounds the difficulty in getting a diagnosis. It will be good to hear from other people living with similar issues as it really does seem a lot more supportive than the limited time with professionals.

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