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Burning Pins Needles in Arms and Hands

Neuropathy | Last Active: Nov 28, 2018 | Replies (21)

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@sir_buzzalot , I just opened Connect and your post was right there. Since I deal with some cognitive aka memory issues, I thought I should respond right away. My medical experiences somewhat parallel yours. Neck surgery and a reverse shoulder to try and alleviate some of the discomfort. Both did that somewhat well. I do want to ask if your neurologist has done a skin test for SFN, small fiber neuropathy. That was the test that led to my diagnosis and treatment plan. The pins, needles, tingling, are irritating to say the least. My choice for pain control has been and continues to be Medical cannabis. My neurologist and I have created an integrative approach. Part of that plan is a compounded topical to keep the pins and needles at bay for a bit. You can use them at night for ease in getting to sleep. I also use a cannabis topical during the day. And you never have to be in an altered state if you learn what products give you dosage control and you learn about their start and stop effectiveness time. Welcome, you have great resources here. If you want to get back to me, I am happy to share experiences with you. My journey is better with Connect. Chris

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Your recent post seems to have renewed my hope that, perhaps, I might be able to get some relief from this darn pain I have been wrestling with for 19 years. I do have my card from the Mass. DPH which allows me to have access to medical marijuana. Problem is I have never used that stuff so I do not even know how to begin or what to ask for. I would welcome and appreciate any thoughts/suggestions on what I should get and how to use it. I do thank you for your insights.

Chris, thank you for the supportive reply. I have tried cannabis in multiple formats. I’m self conscious of smoking and with the pins and needles coming on quickly and only lasting two to ten minutes topical really doesn’t make a lot of sense so I try indica capsules ever so often. Problem with that is it hits me a couple hours later and can put me into an altered state. I have to be careful since I still work and I don’t like to be out of it when I’m out with family. My neuropathy is a bit different in that it doesn’t get worse at night, just constantly flares up during the day. Looking forward to learning more on Connect.

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