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@jamienolson I have had many procedures on my lumbar spine. They were all done under local anesthesia with very little pain — about the same as have a tooth numbed at the dentist. I certainly hope this works for your pain; it did not work for me. First they will numb the area they will be using to place the injection. Once that area is deadened they will proceed with an x-ray guided needle to place the block into the area they have identified as causing your pain. The last one I had changed my perceptions, I felt like I was in a barrel with sounds echoing around me and the air around me pressing on me. There may have been some epinephrine in the numbing shot, which I have learned I am highly susceptible to. That feeling passed quickly and I was able to walk afterward. Good luck.

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There not putting me to sleep all I kn is there injection me with the numing meds I'm so scared I don't want it done my pain meds manage my pain but I'm scared pain management will take away if I refuse,I'm not sure what to do a nerve block didnt help couple years ago I have problems in neck and back herniated disk and also nerve damage I think this is going cause more harm than good r plan was physical therapy then she found out ssi court date and changed to medial branch block, thank u so much for ur help