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Thank you Grandma

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You are welcome!
As far as a walker, you are no where ready to do without it. It can take several weeks if not more than a month. Lots will depend on how you are doing and how confident you feel. I would not do anything without the walker until you see your surgeon again and get his/her opinion. And then, I'd start going without a walking aid in the house only and then only when you can walk near a piece of furniture or wall to grasp on to, if needed.
You'll get there, I promise…it's like overnight you all of a sudden you realize you don't need your pain meds on a regular basis, then you realize getting out of bed or using the bathroom is not as difficult or painful as it once was, then you are walking around the house without a walker, then walking outside without a walker (but make sure to have someone to walk with, you will probably need to hold on to them at the beginning then when you are walking across the street, a parking lot or hill.), then you realize that the more you walk, the less pain you have……..It's all a process that takes time! Your back is pissed off at you. It already hurt, the muscles and nerves. Now, you had the audacity to have surgery and allow someone to dig around your spine…..shame on you! lol
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)