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@user_chf56161a I wanted to respond to your concern about your 10 days supply of pain meds running out…just call your surgeon's office, if you feel that you can't manage with over the counter meds. I'm sure they gave you a 10 day supply as a safe starting place. I will tell you this…don't panic! There is nothing worse than having pain and panicking that you will have to endure it, without any defense. Just make the call. If they expected that you would be pain free and only on otc meds and that's not the case, you should probably be seen, or call your PC. I really don't think you'll have a problem, tho'. The other thing, walking… do it! Don't worry about how far you go, only that you DO go! I have to agree with your doc about having a "crutch" when you walk. You'll make much more progress if you don't use an aid while your walking. If you feel unsteady and that concerns you, use a walking stick (from the woods :D), just to give yourself a sense of security, but not something that you can really put your weight on. You are over the worst of it and now you just need to trust that with a little push, you'll get your strength back and be better than you were. Hang in there…it feels like such a slow process, but you'll see that if you just demand of yourself all that you CAN do, you'll be able to do a little more every day. Here's a plan idea: Just promise yourself that you'll walk five days this week…that's it…just the five days. After that five days, you can decide whether you feel any better and what you want to commit to for the next week. Just keep your weekly commitment and be proud of yourself for pushing through. It won't be long before you find it much easier, you feel better and in more control of your own body, again. Best of luck! You can do this!!!

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Do you go to a pain clinic. That may help

You were right! I can do a little more each day. Still having nerve pain, I’m hoping it will pass.