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Oesophageal tumour

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Hi @nowayback, Despair, depression and suicidal thoughts often accompany a complicated diagnosis. You are not alone. Although I can imagine that the lack of response here made you feel more alone than ever. For that I apologize. We are here. Fellow members have talked about mental health. You can see this discussion started by @alpaca. I hope more will join in to share their experiences.

- Depression and anxiety, and Head & Neck Cancer https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/depression-and-anxiety-1/

@lsecrist @wcbanta and others also share their experiences with colonic interposition here:
- I had a colon interposition 7 years ago https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/i-had-a-colon-interposition-7-years-ago-after-a-doctor-punctured/

NoWayBack, I assure you that the lack of response here is not an indication of lack of caring. You certainly are facing a very difficult situation with few answers and few people who have travelled the path before you. Is it possible for UK doctors to consult with specialists at Mayo Clinic?

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Replies to "Hi @nowayback, Despair, depression and suicidal thoughts often accompany a complicated diagnosis. You are not alone...."

Hi Colleen
Thank you for your kind response & no need to make any apology on behalf of people, we are all going through a very trying time.
I reacted mainly as you say out of sheer frustration & despair for my predicament so I should be apologising.
My frustration is that I am unable to do anything to help myself & whilst there is a small chance that another procedure might work it's very unlikely as I explained. The feelings of emptiness & hopelessness are so strong as I am constantly thinking about my situation all the time I am awake, mainly because of my on going symptoms & I guess I just cannot accept that I might be like this for the rest of my life leading to me having the awful thoughts of ending it all.
Your question about my consultant contacting the Mayo clinic is interesting as I have been told that they have contacted specialists in Oesophageal issues around the world but with no real luck apart from being notified about the Jump great procedure.
I am not sure how I go about contacting the Mayo clinic perhaps you can please provide me with some idea of how to do this thanks.