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Diabetics and Kidney Disease

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@retiredteacher I don't have kidney disease but I am mildly diabetic. I would think this might be beneficial for me also, even though I do not have kidney disease. They do keep an eye on my kidneys monthly because the immunosuppressants can wreak havoc on them. I have to drink 80 – 100 ounces of water a day to keep them flushed.
Getting off track though, I think I would like to go this but the registration asks about your kidney disease so maybe it would not be appropriate for me.
Thanks for posting this tough.

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@contentandwell I don't have kidney disease either, but I have had kidney problems—teachers' disease from not going to the restroom and not having fluids often enough during all the years I taught. I could never leave a class, so I had to hold it until a class change. That caused UTI's regularly, and I took different meds to clear the infection. I also developed kidney stones and had several attacks. So I think at any regard we must take care of our kidneys. When they are in distress, the whole rest of the body is too. I think most people could use any information about what to eat to take care of the kidneys.
Don't worry about the registration. I put only the required: Name and email.
Volunteer Mentor,Carol