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Risk of passing epilepsy to children

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Hi- I haven't looked into any heritability of the disease information. Im sorry I cant provide any information about that. The only thing I would think that I may try, if I was worried about my children being at risk, would be to do a diet modification as a preventative measure. She may want to follow up with her neurologist/epileptologist and see what their thoughts would be about that option for her children.

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Epilepsy does run in families.
Over 100 Epilepsy related genes have been found.
I was the first known member in our family to have it but since then my brother and his son have been diagnosed with Epilepsy.
It is more common for siblings to have Epilepsy than children born to parents with Epilepsy.
There are DNA tests that look for deleted or mutated genes and some other DNA tests that may assist you with your concern about the boys, especially where certain Epilepsy Syndromes may be present.
I’m waiting to hear from University California San Francisco Medical Center about what my next step is for DNA testing.
Hopefully they will find out what caused my Epilepsy.
Below is a little information on EGI.
EGI is an initiative created to bridge the gap between people with epilepsy, clinicians, and researchers to advance precision medicine in epilepsy.
EGI has created a centralized database to hold the genetic data of people with epilepsy. The data (called exome data) will be analyzed and reanalyzed in an effort to find the cause of the person’s epilepsy (not all epilepsy has a genetic cause). Findings will be reported back to the person's doctor. The data will also be made available to advance research.
Best wishes & good health to your family.