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@retiredteacher Carol, I know of course that bananas are high in carbs, but I had no idea that the potassium in them was a problem. Is that just a problem for you, or a problem for diabetics? I do eat bananas, generally only a half at a time because of the carbs, but no one ever said I should not. In fact I have mentioned it to my endocrinologist and he didn't comment on bananas at all except for the high carbs.

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@contentandwell JK. I had no ideal about potassium either. When I first went to my endocrinologist and he ran all the tests, especially the blood profile, my potassium level was out of range. Potassium is good for the body as an electrolyte and keeps muscle cramps at bay; however with diabetes, potassium outside the range is really BAD for kidneys. Since I've had some kidney problems, he told me to stop eating bananas. So I did and the next appointment, my potassium was in range. He told me a banana once in a while would be okay, but not as a regular fruit choice. Other foods are potassium sources, and I avoid them too. I don't want to weaken my kidneys any more than they already are. Ask your dr. about it. You may not have to be careful of that.
@retiredteacher, Carol
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