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moderate use of alcohol

Neuropathy | Last Active: Nov 13, 2018 | Replies (7)

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I'd like to also invite @dutchman09 @pfbacon @maryy @ndttech @ruthanderson @mlmcg into this conversation to offer their thoughts on moderate use of alcohol and potential effects on neuropathy.

@kiowajack – have you noted any effects of having two alcoholic drinks twice per week on your neuropathy symptoms?

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I am unable help on the use of alcohol and neuropathy because I do not drink. My mother enjoyed a drink or two at night until she became an alcoholic. There are two kinds of alcoholics, after the first drink you cannot stop (my exhusband) and the second it takes years of consuming a drink or two every day until is becomes an addiction (my mother). I gave up drinking about 30 years ago and do not miss it, I still might have a small amount of wine at Thanksgiving and Christmas now.

Other than not using alcohol, I cannot help, sorry. My neuropathy pain last for a short time, seconds to a minute. They are sharp and I know if I just let it happen it will stop. Most of the time I am sitting and try to relax, sure, I'm in pain and try to relax. I do take 2 Gabapentin at night and 2 in the morning as well as 2 Tylenol at night and 2 in the morning.

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