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How long can PSC lie dormant?

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Gastroentrologist every 6 months.

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rksheldon, I am happy to read that you are being seen regularly by your GI. I think that it is important to have a partnership with our care provider when we are living with a disease like PSC.
I want to add to my own history with PSC. It was diagnosed when my GI, working with a hepatologist from transplant center, performed an ERCP, and took images of my biliary tree and noted that the signature signs (scarring and gnarling) of PSC were visible. I had already been tested for many other liver diseases before they felt the need to do this test. My Gi was extremely concerned and kept close watch over me during that time. I did experience occassional nausea, and tiredness, and increasing faitgue which are symptoms for liver disease.
I remember that we were watching my liver functions slowly rise for a while. Then very suddenly, those symptoms became more severe as itching, and jaundice developed. At the same time my liver function labs made a huge jump. I was sent to transplant center for examination at that time. My condition deteriorated very quickly within a matter of months.

I tell you this, not to scare you, (each one of us will have a different experience) but to demonstrate how quickly things can plunge downhill.

rksheldon -
Do not hesitate to contact your GI in between those 6 month appointments if you are having any issues. Or make an appointment to consult with him/her about your own questioin; Where am I with this disease? and What can I expect?

How are you feeling these days?