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Pain pump, I have one, how about one for you?

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...hello, I suffer from chronic back and leg pain from sciatica and deg. discs and did not want to go the opiad route but what you sàid is interesting but has many questions.
How do you know if medication will help before putting in the pump and
You still face long term side effects from the meds and
How does the problem of needing to increase doses overtime than
Faced with an addiction ...
Would you say this method is a last resort when all else fails?

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These are good questions! For me, I think it is a last resort.

The pain pump is preceded by a trial. Usually one or two injections of the appropriate medication. If you get decent pain relief, you will likely be sheculed for the actual pain pump procedure. There is no guarantee that the actual pain pump will work as well as the trial, but, in most cases it will. You may have to have the pump recalibrated to get optimal pain relief. Depending upon how much medication is delivered into the intrathecal space around your spinal cord, you will have the pump refilled every one to three months, arelatively simple procedure that takes no more than 15 minutes.

From what I understand. The doctor does a simple test by injecting a dose of pain killing meds in your spine. If you respond well to this you are a good candidate for installing a pain pump. They also can fill the pump with non-narcotic analgesics.

I am an 80yo woman with ailments that pretty much mirrored yours. I also have digestive issues that made decide there must be a better way. I was on morphine for 8 years 4 times per day. I wanted to get that out of my stomach and liver so I pursued the pump. I am at one month now and woke up on the table 100% pain free. Recovery is 6 to 8 weeks, but aside from that, I feel like a new woman. A tiny fraction of morphine delivered straight to your pain center in the brain rather than 15 mg 4 times a day is brilliant. Wouldn't change a thing!

Its not an addiction if you are in chronic pain. I have been on meds for 13yrs and I an getting a pain pump as soon as I can get my phsyc exam. I dont know why I have to get a psychological exam but the dr requires it. Love my pm and he is doing the procedure hopefully by september.