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Muscle spasms years after hip replacement surgery

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I had a hip replacement in 2015. My surgery, on march 9th went well. My recovery was fantastic……i was cycling again by the end of April.
Beginning in November of last year, I had terrible leg cramps/charlie horse that would last for hours. I would wake up in the morning with it. I had to crawl from my bed to the bathroom, take a muscle relaxer and soak in tub loaded with Epsom salts. That helped. This went on for about 6 weeks on and off. I dont know why. It hasn't happened again but now and then, in the same leg, I get a sharp stabbing shooting feeling in my thigh. It's in the middle of thigh between the knee and pelvis and seems to start or shoot from the outside of my leg. It happens when just standing on my leg…no special reason. There is no warning but the pain is sooooo bad that my knees almost buckle.
I know my right side is stronger than my left (surgery side) not sure how to just strengthen one side as I walk, swim and cycle on both legs.
Anyone have suggestions?

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Hi @owieann – Welcome to Connect! Great bunch of supportive people here! And congratulations on your quick recovery from the hip replacement. I haven't had a THR – I've had my knee replaced and doing another knee replacement next month. Thankfully, I didn't have the kind of cramps or shooting pain you did so I can't give you any advice – just moral support! I'm going to tag a few people who have had hip issues to see if they can share any insights… @beatricefay, @mariemotte, @laura1956, and @scottb32. Meantime, I'm curious about your cycling – were you actually riding outside in less than 8 weeks? That's so brave!

Hi, I’m new here but saw your post and I have not had hip surgery but have the same problems. Standing in place will trigger the same pain and knee buckling. I have found acupuncture to be very helpful. It usually is a combination of about 40 minutes of needles and 20 minutes of massage.@vlynne

I had a hip replacement 2 years ago and started getting excruciating thigh cramps about 6 months ago on the same side as my replacement. Someone told me to put vinegar on the part that was cramping and it does take it away within several minutes. I see my surgeon next month and am going to ask him what my replacement is made from?

I've been living with the same issues for 10 years. If I ride in car, plane or stand more than 1 hour or sit on hard chair, I get intense charley horses in inner thighs that last 25 minutes of agony and then reoccur for days after. I started reading and Europe has lots of articles on ilopsoas impingement after hip replacement. After years of physical theraphy which ended 15 minutes into each session with charley horses, cortisone shots and just about every other remedy doctors suggested, I am going back to hip surgeon to see if I have an impingement. It seems likely as most of the attacks are positional. It seems most of the specialists I've seen over the years are not familiar with psoa impingement. There are specialized imaging techniques that have to be done. A hip xray is not enough. I'm taking the European articles with me to the hip specialist incase he isn't aware of them. After a 10 year journey of incredible pain and very restricted lifestyle, hope I am on to something.