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After all my baseline labs are finished I will be starting the Big 3. I must admit my anxiety level is high although I think it is the right decision. Can you tell me specifically what probiotics you are using?

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@nseth Sorry, I don't use the same one twice in a row. At the suggestion of one of my providers (don't remember which) I find the ones with the highest number of live cultures, and switch every time I buy, to get the widest variety of bacteria I can. I also look for the capsules that are made to survive the stomach and dissolve in the intestines. The theory is more bacteria survive – if it dissolves fully in the stomach, most are killed by stomach acids.

@n4seth Having anxiety about all this is perfectly understandable. My ID doctor does not recommend probiotics. However, I have learned an immeasurable amount of information on this site about them and have found that IMD complete probiotics platinum (Amazon) are excellent and also pricey. Hyper biotics pro-women are good (Amazon) as well. I have decided to use NOW probiotics and some of that company’s vitamins based on info provided by a previous mentor, Katherine. I also use Pure encapsulations vitamins (a company based in Massachusetts). I knew nothing coming onto this site, but have learned so much from the journey of other members. Good luck. irene5

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