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Loving Kindness: Live Healthier and Happier

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I love that Carpenter's song, it's one of my favorites! I had vocal cord surgery several years ago to deal with a paralyzed vocal cord and after that a speech therapist suggested that I sing as part of a plan to keep my vocal cords strong. So I joined a therapy choir. As you have interest in the arts as way of healing you might enjoy this information about Therapy Choirs of Michigan, http://therapychoirs.org/

Here is an article from a local newspaper about one of the exceptional members of the choir, Gary Francis, https://www.hometownlife.com/story/opinion/columnists/2017/08/09/inspiration-look-farmington-hills-listen-singing/104370448/ I assist Gary is getting "gigs" at local softball games where he sings the National Anthem and at assited living facilities where he sings the oldies music (and the residents sing with him). I call myself his agent, however, there is no money involved, just the fun of helping.

Gary Francis is an exceptional example of someone who is singing for the health of it~

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Teresa, that is so cool! I looked at the links you posted. I was using music and singing as therapy before my spine surgery to get past the fear of it. I learned to lower my blood pressure with breathing slow in time to the music, and singing does that too. I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and put on my headphones and would sing. In the past I performed with a concert band, and we would do free concerts during the holiday season in nursing homes and I know we brought joy to people which made me feel great. When we visited my father in law with Alzheimers's in a nursing home, he sang Jingle Bells to us which I loved. It wasn't something he normally would have done, but the staff had worked with him, and he was so proud to sing it for us. Those are nice memories. All that speaks to the power of music. FYI- I love that song too.

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