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Teresa, Volunteer Mentor (@hopeful33250)

Loving Kindness: Live Healthier and Happier

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What a lovely story, @jenniferhunter . Thanks for sharing it.

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Thanks, Teresa. I had so much fun. I have performed music for a number of years with a concert band because I used to play the organ and I could translate that into playing the mallet keyboard instruments like xylophone and glockenspiel. I never learned to read the bass clef, but in playing the organ, I could put the chord under the melody and roll it while my right hand played the written notes. I could also add some of the chord notes into the melody, keeping the top note as the original note. I admire people who can play a different melody with each hand at the same time, and who can embellish the notes with trills and flourishes, and to be able to do this spontaneously is a gift.

This piano player plays by ear, and figures out what key to start with when he hears someone sing their song, and he can alter what he does to match the singer. One of his friends wanted to sing "The Rose", so he pulled up the lyrics for her on a laptop, and she sang while he played. It was so nice to be right next to them enjoying that.