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I was aghast that I knew about PICS but the ICU staff and D/C planner did not. The hospital where I was in ICU could not provide resources to help me. About a month after open heart surgery, when I was no longer worried I'd survive, I began having painful flashbacks and reliving the painful and prolonged extubation, as well as the pain every procedure and tube caused. I had to call the suicide hot line to speak with someone about my mental anguish. That did help, but why didn't the ICU have this on their radar?

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@heartbreaker I am sorry you had such a difficult time during your recovery. To physically survive what you went through only to then be left with the intense emotional difficulties seems entirely unfair. However, you are certainly not alone in this. Feeling this way, having flashbacks and nightmares, is very commonly shared among people who have survived critical illness/injury. Post ICU syndrome and the experiences that people have following critical illness/injury are really just now getting the attention from the critical care world that they really deserve. I do want to assure you that there are collaboratives and teams around the world who are coming together to help raise awareness of this issue and who are working to help people not only survive the ICU but to survive and heal in a complete way which allows them to regain as much of their pre-ICU life as possible. Thank you for adding your story to this very important conversation.