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What to eat?

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My primary care physician referred me to a dietitian. The dietitian suggested I try FODMAP to determine my triggers. The dietitian also referred me to a gastroenterologist who recommended I NOT try FODMAP. She (Gastroenteroligist) said it was a last resort and to delay following up with the dietitian. She did a colonoscopy which turned up nothing of note. After the colonoscopy I followed up with the Gastro's nurse practitioner who had ZERO eating guidance. Color me frustrated.

Thanks for the links above, I will check them out.

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I know what you mean. Low FODMAP should not be last resort but part of a healing regimen that includes medication, nutrition and medical guidance. I started with Low FODMAP and have now moved to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I had been doing pretty well for two weeks (minus a setback caused by eating raisins), but today I introduced homemade yogurt which was probably a mistake because I have been bloated all afternoon. So I am sort of depressed again, thinking I am back to square one. It shall pass.

For a simple case of diarrhea no special diet is needed usually, for the rest of us with chronic diarrhea following a diet that avoids irritation to the gut is a must. I don’t have a specific diagnosis. We started out with CDiff (two different tests were negative), then we moved to SIBO, but that is not clear. GI doc does not think I have Chrons or UC because he thinks I am too old to develop those and a CT scan of my digestive track looked totally normal, but I may have something called microscopic colitis, which is more typical to develop for someone in their sixties like me. Had a normal colonoscopy last year but will likely have another before end of year if I don’t improve on diet. This is all crazy making because we hear such disparate advice and it takes a long time to arrive at anything definitive. Very frustrating and lonely process. This is why I post. You feel like the only person with these problems who can’t eat anything and is always worrying about having a bad reaction to food and running to bathroom. Thank you to everyone who reads and responds to these posts.