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tim1028, I also like to write down my questions. I also keep a list and I add to it between appointments.
I agree with the benefit of a typed or neatly written list for the specialist. On a first visit to a cardiologist, I also had my list that the nurse gave to the doctor before he came to see me., To my surprise, he had already read all my questions before he came into the room. He was able to work them into our conversation.

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@rosemarya now, that’s a good doctor.

Hello Everyone, I too see the value of writing a list of questions and/or symptoms and, also writing what doctors/providers tell us. We can easily forget what we want them to know and a lot of what they say, even though we can see the aftercare summary and eventually their notes from the visit.

I have done this over the years a couple of times until….. and please forgive, I don't mean to be a buzz kill/Debbie downer, but I worked as a Medical Assistant for a many years for probably 60-70 providers. Most of them did not like the lists and would complain to the staff when patients brought what they called, "a laundry list". One even said I would have to come back for another appointment. Never mind the physical hardship I went through to get there and how long I had to wait in pain.

Now, they even ask at the time of scheduling the appointment and when the MA puts you in a room, what is the "ONE" most important thing you want to address today.

Most of us have a myriad problems. I have a zillion specialists so thankfully I haven't had to deal with this in a while but it can make an already hurting patient feel worse. It's especially bad when, although not your fault, they are running behind. We didn't ask for our afflictions.

I 've had some great PCPs, who have flagged the system to allow a longer appointment time for my appointments. That is something you can suggest or talk to your doctor about. They control their own schedules and can do that so go to bat for yourselves and ask. They like it because it keeps them more on time.

We talked about advocating for ourselves recently. We Must!
I care deeply about all of you and your well being. Many blessings, Sunnyflower 😊♥️🙏