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Laurie@roch @colleenyoung Excellent, comprehensive response, Laurie. The only thing which I would add is, if your are not a Mayo patient, and if your doctors are from different networks, always keep a copy of every test and a chronological (ongoing) list of doctor visits, prescriptions each prescribed and for what, test result anomalies, vaccinations, surgeries, etc. -- all medical events --- for your reference when preparing to see any physician. Along with the items you mentioned, I write and read a brief history of what I believe led to my current status on any condition which brings me into a doctor's office. It helps the doctor see a bigger picture, and keeps him/her from having to reinvent the wheel, putting you through a raft of unnecessary tests. Also, and I can't emphasize this enough, stop taking all supplements a few days before you have any blood or urine tests (as various supplements can alter the assay of particular components being tested)... and, no, doctors rarely think to mention that to you.

Example of my last point: I was prescribed Biotin to regrow my hair and nails, following chemo. A few months later, a neurologist ordered a thyroid test which indicated hyperthyroidism. I went to see my GP who responded by ordering an ultrasound and referring me to an endocrinologist. As I found it hard to believe that I was hyperthyroid, I did some research on the web and found that, before 2016, endocrinologists mistakenly have been treating patients on Biotin for hyperthyroidism and Graves' Disease for decades, not realizing that Biotin messes with the test results. I retested without Biotin in my system for a week and had normal thyroid test results, thank goodness. Lesson learned.

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Wow!! I’ve never been asked to stop supplements before blood tests. Thanks for info!

@elizm my endo also told me to stop biotin a few days before the TSH test. It does not effect your thyroid, only the test.