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I am about to start radiation. 16 weeks/5 days week and 30 min. sessions. Is this 30 session usual? A friend has said it seems too long.

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My head and neck radiation lasted about 30 minutes from being positioned with mask to the end. Actual radiation application was only 20-25 minutes of that. I suppose that everyone is different as far as the number of different angles that they use to target the area.

@sews I received radiation in 2001 for breast cancer following a lumpectomy and chemo. I went every day for 6.5 weeks. It took longer for me to get undressed and redressed (only had to remove upper clothing and wear a cape) than the actual radiation treatment which, once I was in the right position, only took a few minutes. No one I've talked to who has undergone cancer treatment has been given the same protocols–different chemos, different number of chemo treatments, some surgery only, some chemo first, some chemo after surgery, etc.–oncologists really tailor the treatment to each person. It's not unusual to have questions now that you have had some time to think–ask your doctor (and your doctor's nurse)–what to expect, what will happen as your treatment progresses, how to care for yourself and the area that will be treated, etc. I can tell you that as the weeks of treatment went by, I did feel tired and it took some months to get over–get plenty of rest and don't overdo. The last week, or two, I did have some radiation "burns" (nothing awful, just red and weepy) under the breast in the crease where the breast meets the chest. After these healed, if you knew what to look for, you could tell that my left breast was ever so slightly darker than the other side (still is). My skin otherwise looks the same on both sides. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.