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@cgbi Sleep would have been a problem for me without medication. That was really the only time I did take any medications.

My doctor has a great track record, but his philosophy is quite different than typical. He does not believe in icing for the first six weeks. It does bring the swelling down a bit, but it also prevents the healing blood from getting to the site, delaying healing. He is also opposed to rigorous PT.

After my second TKR, I had more pain than after the first one but it suddenly lifted, almost overnight, and then I was able to walk all over the place! My TKR was on October 25, 2017. I was walking all over NYC on December 8th. I was really upset a week or so before that because we were going to NYC for my daughter's wedding reception and I thought I wouldn't be able to be on my feet much but I was amazingly fine.

My flex is still not what I would like. I saw my ortho last week and he said he can do a small outpatient procedure that will give me better flex so I think I will do that after the first of the year.

So, stay positive, and hopefully your recovery will be as good as mine was.

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To cbgi: I agree with 2 previous posts that even 1 week at your stage can make a huge difference. I’m 7 weeks out, and super lucky. Low pain levels, still wake up once or twice a night with twinges, but ok. Perhaps 2 Aleve/week if it gets rough. I would concentrate first on getting some sleep – that to me was more debilitating than anything else. Flex may take a while, depends on many variables. I was made to do pre-tkr exercises 3 weeks prior to surgery, and I believe that the muscle tone-up helped with quicker improvement afterwards. And for me it was more productive to do fewer heel slides, but hold them for at least 5 seconds in the bent position. Other than that, I hope that your recovery speeds up from here on out!

I am surprised by this approach of not icing, and not really pushing PT initially. Perhaps a worthwhile option. Hosever, part of the reason to apply ice frequently, at least in the first 3 weeks or so, was to minimize pain. I wonder how one would compensate for that …. more pain meds?

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