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Hi Jennifer,I have tried cilantro and chlorella and the day I did I had a seizure late that night.The seizures seen to come in the middle of the night when I am sleeping.I seem to have a reaction to any vitamin pills I take.The doctor called them mini seizures and he could not explain why I have them from taking vitamins.The mini seizure is a weird feeling comes over me and I do not know where I am from a minute or two then I feel drained for a couple hours.I have been dealing with this since 2014 been through many doctors with no help,they will not admit mercury is a neurotoxin.I am going to try a holistc doctor next.They have me on keppra 500mg these pills are sucking the life out of me they really make me feel bad

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Can you take epsom salt baths? That will help detox through your skin. If you soak for a half hour, you'll see the ring of stuff that came off. I shower first, so I'm clean, then soak in the bath with just epsom salt, and this happens.

You can look for integrative medicine or environmental medicine doctors. There is a find a physician page on this site. https://www.aaemonline.org/

The doctor that lead important research and treatment for lots of these issues was in Dallas. He wrote many books for doctors on his treatments and they sell these on the website. He recently passed away, but they are an established practice so are probably continuing. This is who my environmental doctor looked to for information. I have not been a patient there. I just know about them. https://www.ehcd.com/