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Hi, @joedavid – I'd also like to bring @krissylamb @styers and @danny59 into this conversation, as they have mentioned mercury poisoning. @deliasanderson and @dawn_giacabazi may also have input for you.

@redhead63 – you had your fillings with mercury content removed, then?

@joedavid – what does your neurologist say about a potential connection between the fillings and your seizures?

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Had all the mercury fillings remove.The tuff part is getting all the mercury out of your body.I stared having health issues about a year or two after my first fillings but I did not know at the time about the mercury.I kept going to the doctor for dizzy spells,loss of strength,memory lose,depression, color blind,very sensative to smells of perfume,gas,everything,brain burn right side of head,brain fog,the list go's on and on and all the doctors I went to could never find anything wrong.